Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn: Jai Serong! Pick 52, 2021 National Draft

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 17, 2017
AFL Club
Were Freo annoyed because they really rated him or because they wanted to keep Caleb happy?
I reckon that's a good point, there's a reason they went hard at the WA kids this year. They must see there being potential for Caleb to seek a move, and want to do the same thing Brisbane have done recently in getting players and their friends/family in to create a better support network.


Club Legend
Jun 13, 2019
AFL Club
Is he a future forward or bid bodied mid?
I actually don't think this is cut and dry one way or the other. One of his strengths being listed as upside makes me think that he might start as a forward, but slowly move into the mid as he builds his speed/tank.

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