Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn Jon Patton

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 9, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hurricanes, Panthers
Been 12 months in the making but pumped for him to be officially a Hawk.

Excited to have a fully fit Patton tearing it up over the pre season and seeing him on the park Round 1!

Ned Ryerson

Future Captain
Sep 23, 2012
Punxsutawney, PA
AFL Club
Welcome to the family club - JP!

Imaigne next year any one of Gunston, Lewis or TOB picking up the second or third best defenders for teams. Patton just needs to be a presence in the goal square and our forward structure is exponentially better next season. Just tell him to never break into anything faster than a jog and not to jump and his knee issues shouldn't be an issue.


Premiership Player
Oct 17, 2009
AFL Club
This is a brilliant trade. He has the ability to be a 40 goal forward for us and offers something we have long lacked - a contested marking option inside forward 50.

There is risk involved and we are wearing that salary wise. But having missed out on free agent targets, we clearly have the salary space so that risk is not material. For a fourth round pick, we get a key forward who could be structurally vital to our prospects of success over the next 3 years. Well done.


Club Legend
Mar 25, 2019
AFL Club
Fk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm not going into season 2020 with high expectations from Patton.

now the question remains, how does the side shape up if you have a fit Lewis, Patton, TOB and Gunston.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 1, 2010
AFL Club
Other Teams
Everton FC
Say what you want about the Hawks, for example I still have lots of doubts over our list but when you really look at what our list management team have done over the past 3 years, it is really damn impressive.

We had 1 major concern at the end of 2016. Our midfield. To instantly bring in 2 gun mids and to draft another potential gun in Worpel a year later. The cliff of our ageing midfield all of a sudden fixed (with a couple of pieces coming in later and probably still to come over the next year or so).

Then at the end of 2018, our KPF stocks looked as dire as they come for any club. Fast forward another 12 months. We have developed a very exciting player in Lewis & traded in another solid KPF in Patton. Bang issue fixed just like that.

We have even addressed our KPD issue that is pending, still need another piece soon.

I know we still have issues with our list (mainly depth) but it is ridiculous what GW, Mark McKenzie & the team have done in such a short period of time when we had the highest of cliffs coming from 2 really crucial areas of a list.

Superb club.

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