Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn, Josh Morris

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All Australian
Oct 16, 2018
AFL Club
Really hoping that he likes to tackle as we desperately need a speedy pressure forward.

Seems to have great goalsense and a beautiful set shot. He does seem to be a little bit goal hungry from his highlights though, he burned teammates a few times to have a shot.

Anyhow, best of luck Josh. May you serve the brown and gold well.

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Team Captain
Apr 25, 2008
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The Hawks
Chuck Morris...i like him
Say, did you hear about the 4 defenders that Josh "Chuck" Morris kicked 5 goals on?
They ended up not getting drafted.

Did you hear about defender who kept Josh "Chuck" Morris goalless?
He ended up with various roundhouse-kick related injuries, and as a result, didn't get drafted either.

When Josh "Chuck" Morris decides to he is going to be first to the ball ...
His opponent ends up chasing tail all day.

The Chad and I

Team Captain
Nov 13, 2018
AFL Club
Thanks again for the videos.

Morris certainly looks like a very good forward and the quintessential late pick: talented & speculative (like Walker).
His forward craft seems to be elite and he reads the ball off the boot very early - a huge advantage for a forward.
As others have noted, his goal kicking technique is beautiful to watch and he does remind me of the Dunstall/Ablett/Jakovich mould of full-foward.

His speed off the mark hints at some potential for him to develop into a powerful unit for his build.
We don't need to teach this guy how to be a forward.
I'd like to see him get more involved in general play (he's got a v.low possession count, prob. bc he plays as a stay at home forward).
So long as he brings a strong work ethic and buys into the team first ethos, I can see the potential for him to become a senior player.
Having him and Walker in the forward line will create problems for the opposition. Fast, athletic and strong overhead/pack marks - who are also good when the ball hits the ground. That's not easy to counter.


Team Captain
Apr 6, 2010
AFL Club
Turning 18 in November I think. And he still has some weight to put on.

I was really impressed with his ability to read the flight of the ball and his soft hands.

He averaged 4.7 goals a game and was really consistent, kicking 5,6,5,5,6,3,3
That's a ridiculous scoring amount for an "undersized" bottom age draft pick that still needs a year of development to his peers to be on par

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