Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn pick 13: Will Day - Rising Star Nom!

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Nov 6, 2014
24 Barrack Street
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Noticed a few of the Saints boys were giving him the 'welcome' to the big time, hitting him a bit harder and making him feel the tackles. He kept getting up riding the bumps.

Reminded me of the treatment Scott Camporeale got in his first season at Carlton. Oppo clubs knew they (Carlton) had a player on their hands so so he was bumped , tackled and shirted fronted at every opportunity. He kept getting up with a smile and playing well. He was 180cm and and about 75kg.

Compare that to Jack Watts who really never recovered from his first season playing.

Will be be exciting to watch Day develop. Good signs.
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Oct 16, 2018
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The most impressive part about the Saints game was that he actually started horribly, but it didn’t impact his confidence at all. He butchered his first few kicks but just kept going and going and ended up being one of our best.

That is a brilliant trait to see in a footballer, especially a young kid where you quite often see them go back into their shell. He knows he belongs out there.

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