Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn: Pick 37, Henry Hustwaite - Debuts against the Dees!

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 31, 2008
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I like the eyes-down, classy left foot delivery.

If he's good in traffic, that could make up for any perceived lack of top end speed.

True, players like Sam, Dal Santo and Pendles were never quick. But their awareness more than made up for it.

Plus we will have guys around him like Ward, Mackenzie, Day, MacDonald, Nash and Newcombe who are all reasonably quick.


Premiership Player
Oct 5, 2004
AFL Club
6’ 5 mid smooth mover, composed and a beautiful kick ……. this is doing my head in with the height we are bringing in. Hope Moore will still want to socialise with the boys outside of the club! Bizarre and intriguing looking kid but something about him. Peddles is one of my favourite players to watch over the last decade and it’s insulting to compare but he sort of moves like him.


"Burgoyne to put them in front. He doesn't miss."
Apr 15, 2022
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GSW, Man Utd
I'll admit that I wanted Munkara. However, in my opinion, Henry Hustwaite was the best player left. He doesn’t have a great deal of speed or athleticism that clubs cherish in the modern game, but that didn't stop Patrick Cripps from winning a Brownlow, did it now? Hustwaite, like Cripps, grew up short in stature. He claims that, as a result, he frequently found himself as the tough midfielder left to do all the 'dirty' work. This ability has continued into his tall stature and gives him the appearance of having a lower centre of gravity. For those concerned about his lack of speed and athleticism, don't be. With the addition of Weddle, the team will have two players who can play the tall, athletic midfield/wing position: Weddle and Day. He also compensates for his lack of athleticism and speed by playing a style of football that I can only really compare to Scott Pendlebury and Daniel Howe. He has good agility, is very clean with the ball in hand, and is very composed. He joins the group of tall, graceful, skilled, composed, and effective midfielders Sam is counting on to lead the team out of its rebuild and into its next era of success. He has also shown the same versatility as Weddle and Mackenzie do. He is a steal at No. 37, and I'm ecstatic that we can call him a Hawthorn player. Henry, welcome to the Hawthorn Football Club.

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