Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn: Sam Butler! Pick 23, 2021 National Draft

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Randy Campbell

Club Legend
Mar 15, 2009
Scarborough WA
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All Blacks Green Bay
Why such a low hope?

I am hoping he runs like Issac Smith, is as tough as Dermie, can mark the ball like Peter Knights, is as skillful as Darren Jarman, and has the X factor of Cyril and turns out to be the next Lethal Leigh Matthews.

I don't like to put a ceiling on our players.


Senior List
Oct 10, 2008
AFL Club
Yes bro.
Puopolo was a regular in the rotation through the centre bounces.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that he played through there in just about every match.
I don't think he had a major role in the centre square rotations most years. His average clearances are less than those of Breust and much less than those of Rioli. He had cameos and helped out when the main mids needed a rest. Of course he was usually thereabouts when there was a boundary throw in or ball-up near the goals. 2013 may be the exception year - Puopolo's clearances were nearly double his average in that year.

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