Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn Tom Scully. Congratulations for finally making it onto an AFL list!


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Mar 25, 2019
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I simply stated I think he's lacking a bit of punch in his kick, due to his injury, which he can hopefully regain with imo is one of the key aspects of his game that will allow him to get back to his 2016-17 form.

This year he's been able to get the ball in dangerous positions i.e. streaming through the corridor, and has just not been able to kick the ball deep enough into the forward line to give e.g. gunston or lewis a good 1 on 1 contest.

Wasn't having a go at him, simply stating I think he'll be able to do that next year and that will help us.

After I made that post, seems like the floodgates opened, sorry bout that lmao.

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