News Welcome to Hawthorn Tyrone Vickery's cats!

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All Australian
Apr 22, 2014
AFL Club
With a name like Tyrone Vickery someone should be able to come with a good nickname. Have Richmond fans already given him one?


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 18, 2007
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I rated high as a junior & hoped we were a chance to pick him up at the time. Really happy with this trade; not only has a high ceiling but he's versatile, which is integral these days.

I'm hopeful he'll thrive in our system. Welcome, Ty!

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Dec 29, 2008
Mornington Peninsula
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Just like TOM, I feel like the JOM saga really overshadowed our ability to appreciate signing Ty.

Fair few opposition supporters happy to sink the boot in which I think is somewhat welcomed due to the first half of his career not necessarily setting the world on fire.

But within all that pet hate he seems to attract there's no doubting his potential to be excellent.

Cant deny that for every concussed attempted faux mark, there's a genuinely powerful contested grab.

Pretty athletic and agile for a 200cm lug despite having had an ACL along the way.

Tall, strong, flexible and talented.
Very much looking forward to a Hale-esque revival.

As an aside here is a list of all the KPP that changed hands this trade week.

No prizes for guessing who actually seems to a) be the best of the lot and b) may improve to be the best of the lot...?

It rhymes with Ty Schmickery.

- Marchbank
- Stewart
- Dunn
- Frost
- Black
- Brown
- Cloke
- Vardy
- Kersten
- Witts
- Nankervis
- Hamling
- McCarthy
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