List Mgmt. Welcome to Hawthorn Will Golds - pick 30, 2018 rookie draft

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 9, 2006
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Box Hill Hawks
when i first saw him playing for Oakleigh i didnt think much of him, but the more games i saw of Oakleigh i kept noticing him and he kept playing well, then i finally started to watch his influence in games and he was impressive, good possession, good run, works well in traffic, a lot of potential, all he needs is to fill out a bit.

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Club Legend
Jan 9, 2010
The other side
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Newcastle United, New York Mets
Reviewed a bit of this kids vision from his TAC Cup games, quite like what I saw, looks to have a bit of pace and is evasive, meets the footy at top end speed and used the ball reasonably well by hand and foot, predominantly an outside type but went in and win the footy himself a few times which was good. Was 4th in the 2km at the combine. Despite what I was watching on his vision re pace and evasiveness he ranked pretty poorly in testing for the 20m and Agility testing at the combine

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