Welcome Welcome to Port Adelaide Tyson Goldsack

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Mar 1, 2014
South of Scotland
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
You just reminded me that Hinkley chose to play Sutcliffe over developing a player on no less than 5 occasions . I hope Goldsack purely focuses on his role in development.
Sutcliffe is an interesting one.
In one of his matches, against Essendon, he kicked a goal, and kicked the ball, inside 50, to three players who also goaled.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 1, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Wasn't he gonna play in the Ammos? guess we've made some more friends lol
St Peter’s Old Collegians has completed one of the signing coups of the local footy off-season with 165-game Collingwood veteran Tyson Goldsack joining the club.
SPOC announced Thursday that the 32-year-old Magpies premiership utility had joined the division one Adelaide Footy League club after retiring from the AFL at the end of the season.

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