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Oct 3, 2017
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May 1, 2018
AFL Club

Anyone else cringe reading this:

I take Hugo out to the Hangar at Essendon ... We meet the recruiting team again as well as Adrian Dodoro for the first time.
He leads the discussion which goes from friendly – engaging with both of us – to footy serious quite quickly. He asks Hugo some earnest questions about his strengths and weaknesses and gets into him about whether he’s ready to play in a man’s world and whether he can cope with the hard stuff.

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Feb 9, 2017
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Anyone else cringe reading this:

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Yeah I cringed, Dods must be on the spectrum I think.

This was the best part of that interview though:

"They play his highlights vision on the screen behind him while he’s talking (he ignores it to focus on his interview, whilst I crane my neck to watch the good bits). They ask why his national championships campaign wasn't great. Why he doesn't get over 20 touches very often. Then two questions I'll remember his answer to...​
Are you going to be an ok AFL player, a good player or a great player?
“I’ll be a great player,” he states confidently.
How great? What will they say about you in this draft in five years' time?
“They’ll look back and say I should have been a top-10 pick."
Wow. He surprises even his dad with this response. They acknowledge it with a smile. Great!"​
Now just because Hugo has the balls to say it doesn't mean it will be...... But good on him for sizing up the situation and responding with equilibrium! I'm not hearing too many Bomber fans shouting 'Go Dodoro you good thing' in the Recruitment Stakes!

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