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Jun 17, 2013
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Like everyone is trying to work out, who does he take out of the team though. As I said, with 6 pure mids ahead, he won't be getting much midfield time, but I also can see being a mid at some point. I see your point about wanting a mature body, so does he play mainly as HBF, replace the Baker role, but be a winger dropping back, and then get 10% mid time? But you said you wanted him to take on the WC mids. Or are you counting the winger as a mid... but that's Gaff/Masten... need runners??

To bring him in to go up against their mids, will mean he'll need to be put ahead of a couple of players in terms of midfield time, in the list I mentioned, Cotch, Dusty, Prestia, Graham, Ross.

Or do you want a bigger body rather than Stack or Bolton in the very p/t mid role?

The question still remains, who comes out for that p/t mid role? If Bolton and Chol for Dusty and Cotchin, who is next out? Baker? Caddy?
Yeah you make some very valid points. It’s really hard to know who comes out for cotch and dusty let alone Pickett. It’s a great position to be in. Caddy,Ellis, bolton, baker and Rioli are all a chance to go out of the side IMO. Interesting selections in coming weeks.

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Oct 8, 2009
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Only a quarter into the Essendon VFL replay but based on what I've seen of Pickett from this game and the game against Northern Blues I can't help but think his skillset is wasted in the back half, sure it helps to have quick hands as a defender but as a forward/midfielder quick hands in close can really open a game. I also like his attack on the ball but playing a lockdown role doesn't seem to suit him but at the same time he doesn't look comfortable peeling off his man and playing as the spare. Seems to more suited to the role they were grooming Stack to play as a forward/mid.

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