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Apr 27, 2014
Abandoned toilets at Coburg Footy ground
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Fair enough. Not sold on George playing on a wing full time. He looked good there in the short stint on the weekend but whether he can sustain that for a full game is another question.
It’s all about rotations. He doesn’t need to be there for a full game. The RFC is about giving players multiple roles as this allows us to implement plans B,C,D etc etc if we need to. It also puts the opposition on edge as well as catching them unawares.

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Sep 24, 2017
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b: Houli. Astbury. Grimes.
hb: Vlastuin. Broad. Baker.
c: Lambert. Cotchin. Caddy.
hf: George. Jack. Bolton.
f: Lynch. Martin. Rioli.
ob: Soldo. Edwards. Prestia
i: Short. Graham. Nank. Pickett.

Find a spot for Stack and we are in business

that said the boys might be able carry brandon to another flag, they've done it before
Stack for George

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