Player Watch Welcome to Richmond - Sydney Stack - Round 11 Rising Star nominee

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Oct 3, 2006
Gold Coast/Melbourne
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Phillip Island Bulldogs/Lions AFLW
I miss Sydney Stack :(

Would have been fun watching a young 19 year old kid who hit the AFL by storm in his first year, ripping it up in finals.
It's funny, I was thinking the same this week too - this time last year, few of us knew much about him at all, he wasn't a part of Richmond until late in the pre-season this year, but I almost miss him as much as Tross tbh.

Can't wait to see him shatter the second-year blues' AC joint in 2020!


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Jun 2, 2012
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Hopefully schooner rather than lager...

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Nicely played pun, sir ahahah.

He was walking around on crutches a week ago so it’s a real positive seeing him now moving around unassisted. Even if it’s dressed up as a beer! :D

If the club are able to make the Grand Final I don’t think I’d play him unless he’s played a senior game before hand, I also don’t think the club would play him unless he was 100%.

Going off that we’d need him to be fully fit for the preliminary weekend, if we make it of course. That gives him just under three weeks to be fit, without being a club doctor you’d think there’s some chance.

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Sep 10, 2005
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Did Dimma mention that Stack will resume running this week? if its this week, then hes progressing well and may be a sneaky chance for the prelim.
That was my understanding.
This kid excites me more than any other, since we got dusty. Would love to see him suit up again this year, whether its Ressies or the seniors. He will add the toughness that is needed for finals, that can't be taught.

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