Welcome Welcome to Richmond - Thomson Dow

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Football Tragic

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Nov 11, 2010
Punt Rd End
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Seemed like a well spoken young bloke. Not sure about barracking for North as a kid though! He went a swa the Grand Final and was blown away with the quality of the side and the way we played. Well son - that's the benchmark and that's what you're aiming for to break into the best side in the league! Good luck to the lad. I think he's going to surprize many on this board

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Gold Rocks

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Oct 2, 2019
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Medium midfielder who is explosive and reads the game exceptionally well. He makes good decisions particularly with his creative hands and is composed with the ball but missed a lot of football in 2018 due to injury. He does not turn 18-years-old until October, so there is plenty of upside with his game and physical development. He played all four games for Vic Country and his 18 disposals against Vic Metro at the MCG were encouraging. He averaged 19 disposals and 3.8 marks in five NAB League matches, mixing his football between the Bendigo Pioneers and Geelong Grammar. He is the brother of Carlton’s Rising Star, Paddy Dow.

So is he any good as sounds like a prestia clone?

This Is Anfield

Brownlow Medallist
Feb 25, 2014
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Liverpool, England, Furies
I haven’t looked yet, but you can sort of hear it and I thought myself last night when they were talking before our pick the fox team were talking about every kid would have been desperate to be called out with our pick for out on field success, off field powerhouse and we’ve got the happiest group in the league that has fun.
fu** would have been some pretty good salt from oppo flogs at that point
I barred up!!
Jan 13, 2005
The Hospital
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Golden State, Daniel Rioli
here's Really Average and Kickit Tome gasbagging on...I've cut out the foreplay and jumped straight to the money shot:

Dirty Mo should have just worn a carlton polo in that clip, called him paddy dow then let his carlton leak about Philp come through and tried to insinuate cos of similar athletic profile it was clearly a similar pick therefore we wanted Philp.

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Nov 20, 2008
AFL Club
I just feel sorry for the great Tiger kids (and there were a few really good high profile ones this draft ) that missed out going to Richmond. Fans often say no problem we’ll snatch them in a couple of years and bring them back home. Sadly almost never happens.

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