Toast Welcome to St.Kilda - JOSIAH KYLE!

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 2, 2003
AFL Club
St Kilda
2021 and I can't find a single highlight anywhere. The overwhelming number of people employed to cover the sport, how aren't there on-demand clips available? I'm sure our club will come to the rescue and post some soon.

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Club Legend
Apr 18, 2013
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
South east Melb. PHOENIX
Great Story...just sad that Matty PARKER is at the Tiges instead of us!....but thats old news..still you just love what he's doing!


Club Legend
Jun 17, 2018
AFL Club
St Kilda
I love his name. Sounds like a Wild West preacher.
I was thinking along those lines of those lone ranger/preacher types tortured by a brutal past, whom has learnt from and knows the ways of the Indians and understands the land on which he treads. He chews peyote upon a full moon whilst coyotes nuzzle around him gaining insight as to what he must do, before practicing the way of justice and retribution for 'dem sinners that once crossed his path.

The PRIEST they called him (I know it's a William Burroughs thing...but it can be apt here too)

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 15, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Huge leap, seriously agile, and equally as selfish. Runs rings around opponents but ultimately tries to bite off a bit too much.
Seems like he has the tools to put on some serious forward pressure as well if he pushes himself.

Would be great to have a Kozi Pickett type dynamic in our forward line. Butler was that for a little bit but, yeah


Nov 7, 2020
AFL Club
do you think he will make it Benga ? out of the NGAs would they be the best? probably not Peris
Is more than talented enough. Easily. It’s between the ears with him, and I don’t know him personally, but strikes me as someone who has gotten by off of his talent. That doesn’t cut it at Afl level, and as previously mentioned, suffers from ‘football hubris’.
If I had to bet, I’d say a combination of good coaching and maturity will iron this out. But it’s no guarantee.

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