Toast Welcome to St.Kilda - NASIAH WANGANEEN-MILERA!

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Team Captain
Mar 23, 2021
AFL Club
St Kilda
Trusting the club on this one. Was rated very highly by a lot of clubs, not just us, and should be very juicy if he’s linking up with the likes of King(s), Sharman, and Membrey.

He’s fairly tall at around 187cm, and often described as the best kick in this draft. Can’t say that we couldn’t use the precision kicking + we have a good record with SA boys, so much to like!

Could be very special, bring it on NVM!

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Aug 17, 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Philadelphia Eagles, Liverpool, PAO
Fantastic pick up. Weeks ago looking at his highlights I thought he looked incredible. Never thought we'd end up with him though! He spoke so well in his interview and looks to be an absolutely elite user. I loved Terry too so I'm rapt. And his uncle went alright.
They said he was one of the best kicks in the draft, if not the best. Nice upgrade from half eaten helicopter meat pies we got from the old #7.


Tragic Saint
Dec 25, 2006
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Australia, Victoria
He offers something different from what we have on our list. Good get. Now with both the NGA players on the board, can we get back into the 2nd round somehow?
That's potentially dangerous, unless we make a trade for the live pick we run the risk of a club placing a bid and gobbling our newly acquired pick.


All Australian
Mar 30, 2017
AFL Club
St Kilda
Haven't seen a Saint kiss the pill with his foot like that since Nicky Dal

Kinda looks like Lachie Whitfield in those highlights

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