Welcome to the Bulldogs Sam Darcy

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 13, 2004
Bound for Germany 2006!
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Harry's Heroes
Welcome Sam.

Your Dad was one of my favourites, can’t wait to watch you play!

Someone who knows more than me - is Sam meant to be a ruck or KPP?

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Team Captain
Mar 31, 2019
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
This will be the tallest Bulldogs team I can ever recall and it’s not even close. We will have 3 players well over 200cm tall (207, 205, 204) Martin just under (199) and then a few hovering around 197/198 (Bruce, JUH, Gardiner all 197, Keath I think is 198). I like this a lot. We now seem to have a dearth of smalls??????


Don't look at me like that
Dec 3, 2009
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Footscray Bulldogs, Williamstown
Ok this is weird. Sam is the first f/s of a player I can remember vividly.
Yeah I had the same reaction with Libba. I didn't remember much of Wallis and Cordy moved on from us three years before I was even born. Meanwhile Libba Snr. was one of my faves growing up.

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