Toast Welcome to the kennel Alex Keath

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I ain't got this flu thing!
Apr 19, 2001
Keilor East via Chicago
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Western Bulldogs
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Chicago Cubs
Read this in a FoxFooty article from May:

“He’ll hate this because he hates praise,” Walker told Triple M earlier this week.

“He’s very, very humble, I love him. He’s in mine (All-Australian team) now as well.”

He seems like my kind of player. I'm glad he chose footy.

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Triple Baileys

Club Legend
Jan 7, 2019
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Western Bulldogs
This takes care of the CHB problem. Because it fills a desperate need, really happy with the trade even though it is essentially Keath = 2nd round draft pick.


Club Legend
Jul 18, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
Adelaide to Western Bulldogs
The deal: Keath and 2020 third-round selection for pick No. 45 and 2020 second-round selection
2019 — Games: 18, SuperCoach average: 76
Average 2016-2018: dnp, 54, 73
After playing just 12 games in his first two years on the list, Keath made his mark at the Crows in 2019, taking on the intercepting role after Tom Doedee’s season-ending knee injury in Round 1.
Keath didn’t just fill in, either, he starred.
Of all key-defenders, the 197cm Keath, who won a Showdown medal in his 20th career game, ranks first for contested possessions (7), fourth for intercept possessions (8.3) and fifth for disposals (16.3), rating elite in all three categories.
On average, only Jeremy McGovern, Dane Rampe, Phil Davis, Sam Frost and Aliir Aliir won more possession from an opposition disposal than Keath in 2019.
And, despite missing four matches with a leg injury, Keath’s 49 intercept marks was nine more than any Crow.
The 28-year-old is a great addition to Luke Beveridge’s side and one which allows young star Aaron Naughton to remain forward.
Keath won 18 disposals or more in nine of his 18 matches in 2019 but it’s unlikely he increases his possession count next year given the number of ball-winners already stationed in the Bulldogs’ defence and the fact he will become the No. 1 key defender


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Sep 21, 2005
Brunswick East 3057
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Western Bulldogs
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Wet Sham, BANGOR FC, Down
I'm still wrapt we got him, makes a huge different.

Last year we played the first few rounds with Cordy & Wood in the KPD spots and that was never sustainable. We love defenders who mark the ball in our set up.
Lewis Young was top 5 for intercept marks in the VFL, would have stayed there or been higher if he got a senior call up. And I bet he was the youngest (no pun intended) of the leading pack.

Big preseason & more work on our zonal marking, if Wood stays in form we won't have much to fear. Cordy has so many brain fades in the zonal defence system I'd stick him on a forward his own size, he's a great terrier and scrapper but I pull out my hair when he's two metres off the nearest player as the ball sails over his head.

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