Toast Welcome to the Kennel, Louis Butler!

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Premiership Player
Oct 20, 2017
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Not saying you are wrong in any way at all as other than the usual clips have never seen him play live.

Have you seen him play live a lot and therefore have seen him as more of an outside player around ground ball stoppages and contests but it different in the air?

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I have seen him play live a few times but deffinetly not saying my views are right. plus he is only 18 and very light so may get better in the contest as his body matures

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Rarely in kitchens at parties.
Aug 23, 2010
Information Superhighway
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Exers, Gryffindor, Richmond AFLW
Get Hayden Young next year, then we've got Louis Butler/Lewis Young/Lachlan Young/Hayden Young/Hayden Crozier

And there's a Saxon Crozier in next year's draft, lock him in.

Definitely should go after Saxon Crozier and convince Daniel Butler (if his Saints stint doesn't work) and Daniel Lloyd to join the Dogs.

Sidenote: Lachie and Hayden Young are brothers.

Even more reason to grab him.

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