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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 21, 2018
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Gold Coast Suns
Lukosius still dreams of partnering with fellow top 10 draft pick Ben King in the forward line further into their careers but the 19-year-old predicts he will feature down back next season.

“I played across all three lines throughout the year but I settled down back in the last 10 rounds or so,” Lukosius said.

“I was really enjoying it back there. It would be good to make an impact down there again next year but I’m still open to playing wherever (coach Stuart Dew) wants me to.

“I have got some footy smarts and can read the ball in the air. If you can do that you can play back and watch the ball coming at you or you can play forward and make your own decisions.

“I have the tools to play at either end of the ground so it will come down to what is best for the club and me.”

Suns of Anarchy

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 7, 2013
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Gold Coast
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Rams, 76's, Brewers
I was confident he'd re-sign but it will fantastic to watch him in action (along with King) next season knowing they are 100% loving the club and committed. It was difficult watching them develop and hearing from the SA and Vic flogs that they are guaranteed to return. For the first time since the pre season 2015 I'm excited with what's happening and feel like we've got a real future.
One of my boys will be wearing his number once they are released. Does anyone know when they announce numbers? Is it jumper presentation day normally?

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