List Mgmt. Welcome to West Coast: Alex Witherden.

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Club Legend
May 30, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
Until Hurn hangs the boots up it will be interesting how we fit him into the backline! Cole , Nelson & Dugan all went up a gear too as did Rotham in patches.

Shep Barrass Hurn
Witho Gov Cole

Wing: Duggan

Bench: Nelson

Rotham to miss but he can slot back in once Hurn hangs the boots up?
I can easily fit him in- ainsworth out.

duggan to the midfield, witherdone to the backline.

The Falcon Strike

Hall of Famer
Nov 18, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
Interesting that he wasn’t targeted by our club and instead only fell in our lap when his management approached A week ago

makes me think this isn’t some concerted strategy to move Duggan/nelson et al up the ground

You take the opportunity when it presents - but where he fits in will need to be decided as there’s no obvious plan yet

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Team Captain
Sep 27, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
This guy could become a fan favourite.

Serious maturity as a young fella to read the tea leaves at the lions, not live in denial or dummy spit, then decide way out west is best fit for his footy talents, given his family is in VIC.

Speaks well too. Under our development system we can hopefully bring out his best, which would be a bargain trade if it works out.

Sammy J

Club Legend
Dec 6, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Looks like we have our new Jetta, and a future Hurn replacement. I think the team will be looking to take a few more risks through the corridor this year and become more creative off half back.

Expect the team to be looking for Witherden a lot to set up the play next year.

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