List Mgmt. Welcome to West Coast: Alex Witherden.

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kranky al

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Jun 30, 2009
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What's going on with this guy? Is he just being kept out by Hurn and others or something else going on? I thought he'd be best 22, but can't find a peep on him. Does his seconds form suggest a call up soon?
Backline has been so lethal so far this year who do you drop for him

cole is in 2018 form - i thought him or bunga might be the ones but bunga is killing it as well

nice to have selection headaches like that

Sammy J

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Dec 6, 2007
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Witherden will be a long term player for us. It’s probably fair to assume that this is JK’s and Hurn’s final go around, so Alex will get his opportunity next season. This year may be more of a development one learning the game plan, but I expect we will see him at some stage during the year due to injury or rest to some of the back line.


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Jul 26, 2020
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West Coast
Also Witherdens lack of accountability is a factor into him not getting a game atm. Jetta in the past was some what unaccountable buthe knew the system and his defensive work wasn't that bad (especially in 18 and most of 19). As much as his kicking suiting our style, his defensive work has a lot of improvement left and with Simmo valuing flexibility and versatility, it makes sense why he hasn't got a game.

The fact that he's been working 1v1 with Brad Sheppard says that we are trying to develop that side of his game.
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