Autopsy Well that was ordinary....disappointing loss to Hawks. - Rd 16, 2018

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Oct 29, 2013
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Don’t know what happened there....that second half was shocking. Really poor. We still require a clean out


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Sep 2, 2013
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The way we are going with injuries we might have to forfeit because we can't put a 22 on the field... :eek::'(


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May 28, 2010
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At least we kept it under 10 goals
At least we didn’t pick up any more injuries
At least we can look forward to best 22 players coming back from injury next week


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Jun 4, 2007
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The way we are going with injuries we might have to forfeit because we can't put a 22 on the field... :eek::'(
That may not be such a bad thing - just had a look at fixture and the last game against the Tiges is going to be a nightmare (although saving themselves for finals, they'll still probably canter and win by 10 goals)

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Mar 15, 2012
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Disappointing end to state the obvious. Perhaps a result of being up for 2 and a half games, fade outs happen when you're such a young side carrying so many injuries.

Learnt that Biggs and Roarke should be gone at season's end and Lynch will be elevated.

Think we're best to focus on the positives from the first half then dwell on the negatives from the end. But geez I hope Naughton's ok, we cant take a trick at the minute.

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go you pups

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Jun 27, 2013
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WB 4.2
HAW 14.2

Scores from turnovers.
Structureless to stop them too

Whereas we were the best in the business at absorbing it less than 2 years ago

Get rid of these assistants, fitness staff too, no accountability and out of ideas


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Oct 15, 2017
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Western Bulldogs
Being carried by too few. We had one or two out there tonight...I don't know what their footy futures are.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 4, 2014
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First half was good. Obviously second half abysmal. We learn from it.

We lack maturity and leadership. Struggling with injuries. These kinda results aren’t uncommon for young teams like ours.

Bailey Williams was missed tonight.


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Aug 11, 2017
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Almost all of our young players had pretty average games which is normal for young players but frustrating. Most of our experienced players are not quite good enough to carry the team so we need every player to contribute to stand a chance

Snarls Barkley

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Jun 7, 2012
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First half was good. Pressure was there again, we were scoring pretty well. Probably a little unlucky not to be 2 goals up.

Second half was awful. Not sure what’s happening during these half time breaks, too often we come out slow and get put to bed after half time. That’s today, Collingwood and Melbourne games at least.

Johannisen was outstanding in the first half, once again we looked exposed when we couldn’t get the ball in his hands in the second half. Just couldn’t get any run and carry going. Don’t know why teams don’t tag him every week.

Lynch showed some really good signs again. Thought Dunkley did his job pretty well too. Not a hell of a lot of positives though. Hopefully next week we play more like the first half than the second. Melbourne are a bit like GWS, they can struggle when the heat is really turned on them but if you don’t come to play they score heavily on you.

Dogs Rule

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Sep 27, 2005
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I'm not sure what to think.

We require a clean out. I'm never seen such easy centre clearances.

Oh and here's a tip Dogs. If you let your opposition waltz from half back to half forward without getting within five metres, they'll kick goals. Pretty sure I was taught that in under 10s.
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Apr 29, 2013
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completely spent after half time. Shank kicks, shank handballs, loose marking, weak tackles... horrible 2nd half, hawks came out expecting the 1st quarter again,got 3 weeks ago instead.

Lapinski no where near ready for AFL football on that performance. Bont looks tired and sore, Biggs is unrecognisable, i thought Naughton looked like he did his ankle or heel AS he was jumping, not as he was landing, doesn't look good either way.

First half was bloody good though, plenty to like about Lynch. Frustrating year but promising youth.


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Apr 19, 2001
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My cousin in Chicago(at about 5:30am) texted me at halftime and I told him I was watching the footy and that we were winning by two points. He's seen a bit of footy online. How do I explain to him what happened in the second half? I think there must be something in the liquids they get at halftime. Perhaps a Royal Commission could be held to find out?

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