Were Aussies on the take ?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 10, 2000
AFL Club
West Coast
I've got a sneaky suspicion that Mark Waugh might of got his money figures slightly out of place from when he first came public with warney - but as for throwing a match I really cant see him or any current Australian player being involved in that.

Max Power

Senior List
Aug 22, 2000
Parts Unknown
No doubt Mark Waugh was.

Funny how all these cricketers plead innocent yet later it comes out as the truth (remember Hansie).

Strange that Warne wasn't named in the Indian report, he openly admitted taking money from 'John the Bookie' but 'John' only mentioned Waugh and Jones. Ponder that one.


All Australian
Apr 29, 2000
From a strictly parochial Aussie point of view they should ban anyone who has taken money from a bookie for anything to do with a match they played in themselves.

Worst case Aussie scenario would be 2 maybe 3 players. We could kick out our best 15 players and still beat most teams going around, especially is they booted their cheats as well.
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