Fixture We're going streaking!

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The Opportunist
Mar 15, 2001
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No, we're not joining Will Ferrell, although that could be reserved for the club's Man Power night.

With a 5-0 record to start the season, not previously achieved since 1946, why not have a thread dedicated to winning streaks?

It's not often we manage to win six games in a row, so we have a chance to achieve that on Friday night against GFS.

In 1946, we started the season with a 9-0 record before fading away. I made mention of this in 2016 after North Melbourne did similar. In fact, the contrast between our results in 1946 and those of North's in 2016 are very similar. We only won four of our remaining ten games after our 9-0 start, before being eliminated in the first final. North only won three of their final 13 matches in 2016 before being eliminated in the first final. They also started with a 9-0 record.

Notable win streaks (6+) in recent times:

consecutive victories between rounds 10-15. Our win streak came to an end in round sixteen against premiers Essendon. Following this loss, we went on to win five consecutive matches, which means we won 11 out of 12 games.

consecutive victories between rounds 8-14. Our win streak was ended by a 33-point loss to the powerhouse Sydney Swans. Immediately following the Swans' round 15 victory against us, they famously won their next three matches by margins of 130, 163 and 91 points. These included scores of 236, 201 and 198.

A long gap

consecutive victories between rounds 10-15. Our win streak was ended to a powerhouse Geelong team. Incredibly, after 15 matches, we only lost one match, against North Melbourne in round nine. Our round five draw against Richmond and our narrow loss against North stood in the way of a 14-0 start to the season.

consecutive victories which included the four famous finals victories in 2016 and the opening two rounds of 2017. Fremantle were our kryptonite during this period, having beaten us in round 23 of 2016 and round three of 2017. Had we won both of those matches, we would have won 13 in a row.

So as you can see, it's not often we manage to win six in a row. It's strange we didn't achieve this in 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2009 or 2010. We went real close in 1999, but a draw against Hawthorn in round 11 prevented us from building a win streak of six games. We only lost two matches in our final 16 Home and Away matches in 1999, and both of those losses were by less than a kick. Coincidentally, our next loss in the QF was also by less than a kick. It's mind boggling that we didn't manage to string together a streak of six wins during that time.


21 Years on BigFooty!
Apr 19, 2001
Brookfield via Chicago
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Streaking... all the rage on my university campus in the Spring(March/April) of 1974. Any earlier in the year would have produced too much shrinkage. :eek:

That 1985 year will go down as my favourite year to go to the footy. I went to every game that year, except for our match against the Magpies at Victoria Park. I was on my way to the Gold Coast that day for school break. That is the only win against Collingwood we had at Vic Park in my years as a Bulldogs member, so I was 0-14.* I even went on my annual pilgrimage to watch us lose in Sydney. We had 17 wins that season - Sevenbloodyteen!

* (I did see us beat Fitzroy there two weeks previous to the Collingwood game in 1985.)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 26, 2008
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Also, you could cheat a bit and say Footscray won the last 4 games of 1964 and then won 3 more in a row by winning the night premiership that year: 7 consecutive wins at senior level.

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