Game Day West Coast Angels versus Gil's Demons - Premiers vs we-made-a-preliminariares - Battle of Wolf Creek 3am Monday morning


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Dec 5, 2010
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,west perthgolden state warriors
Liked frankies debut altho i think his kicking will be his downfall.mostly up and unders.
He wasnt alone tho with average disposal

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May 26, 2005
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I posted this in the **** darwin thread, but i'm posting it here too

Despite the money, fu** the NT. I watched on the TV yesterday and watched as our club bowed down to probs AFL demands to play a team that has better representation in the area, even with the last 6 years it amounts to not much support. For starters at our home game, i'd like for the eagles not to wear their indigenous Guernsey. You want a pick of jumper? Then ******* play your own home games up there! It's like when Port demanded Gold Coast not wear their home jumper in their home game in china, or when collingwood demanded norf where their away jumper at norfs home game years ago, i don't give a toss if they're still wearing white shorts, they can wear white shorts with their standard away jumper. Club needs to grow some balls and say, our home game our rules, but as follows you can see we just constantly bent over all day, on and off the ground

Auzzie the Eagle paraded around at our home game, i don't give a flying fu** if the damn bird was born in the NT, the fact that the thing is paraded at Eagles home games in WA and has been flown in to be shown of at a Melbourne home game is just ******* insulting to us, another example of the club just bending over. Then watching the coin toss, my god the coin toss. Now i'm not raggin on the guy, but please Melbourne don't choose someone decked out in Eagles attire with his kid to toss the coin at a home game, some passionate fan from the suburbs back home missed out on tossing the coin at the MCG because of you, at least when you play a home game somewhere else pick someone who at least ******* follows the team to toss the coin, Even that aus Kick kid they found on Friday could have been given a go. And while the crowd was maybe just in our favour nothing turns my stomach more than listening to the Eagles nuffie yelling "cmon eagles" by the effects mic, that moron alone at a small ground almost balances crowd support back in WCE's favour
Proof that we all melt in strange ways!


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Nov 20, 2011
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In future we may be able to beam Eagles supporters reactions by video from our new Lathlain Park home into the MCG for them.
That may make them feel more at home?

I’ve been to a few Melbourne versus Eagles games at the MCG over the years and our supporters always make more noise than theirs, even the arrogant Eagles chant.

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