West Coast Eagles 2021

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Jul 16, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Constructive suggestion, & that is not denying the status quo is the starting point.

The weakness in conferences to me is effectively challenging the parochial nature of the games support base. Victorians constantly tell us their support is for the club & the only thing the game offers is their clubs brand?

If a conference system is effectively div 1 & div 2, will that only result in the inequities of home & away being further entrenched.

As one who supports an elite comp, a div 1/2 should provide that as the best players will want to play at the highest level. The professionalism/money of a national comp ensures that in a way that the State League model of the 1900s could not. Restraint of trade will become an even bigger consideration for the game from the individual to the AFL.
It was a starting point, thanks for recognising that and seeing the thinly veiled division 1 and 2. I agree the big Victorian clubs get a huge advantage and that’s why I would have loved to get Brisbane, Port, Fremantle into conference one. Problem is you have 13 teams in division 1 with 5 in division 2.

So let’s move this from American conferences to British divisions.

Maybe division 2 could be expanded to-
- Western Bulldogs
- Melbourne
- North Melbourne
- St Kilda
- GC
- Tasmania
- Port Melbourne

14 round season with a top 5. Promotion would be based on winning the finals and meeting the minimum membership, crowd and turnover numbers for Division 1.

Division 1-
- Carlton
- Collingwood
- Richmond
- Essendon
- Hawthorn
- Geelong
- West Coast
- Adelaide
- Sydney
- Brisbane
- Port Adelaide
- Fremantle

6 Victorian and 6 interstate!
- Victorian teams get 16 Victorian games and 6 Interstate
- Interstate teams get 12 home state and 10 interstate (except Brisbane but couldn’t carry a 13th team)

This recognises the importance of the big Victorian fixtures, gives Victorians loads of chance to watch their teams.

Division 1 is a big club, big money, big boys league open to anyone who is big enough. You can say Sydney, Brisbane and Port may be smaller clubs but it’s a national league and Victoria already have half the teams.

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