MVP West Coast Eagles Board Poster of the Year (QS Medal) 2020 : Nominations (Nominations close when I say so)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 18, 2003
Western Suburbs : Perth
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West Coast
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Claremont NE Patriots Eagles AFLW
fu** this board. 3 pages in, last years king :crown:, and i get nothing but people chipping me??

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I'm taking names.

Thats what happens when last years King's unpopularity sits, somewhere between that of Henry the VIII and Caligula.

You are destined to be now know as Dark Sharks The Terrible.

Having claimed last years Crown by means of deception and under handedness, by enlisting the services of the vengeful and displeasured Dark Circle of Assassins, thus having deprived Young Prince Biggie of his rightful turn to be the popular and much loved Monarch.

History will not judge you well Dark Sharks The Terrible.

You now belonging, sitting at home in the same place as these hated rulers.


So lets fold the ........... Kingdom ........... am I right campaigners.

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Senior List
Apr 23, 2020
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West Coast
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Richmond and Collingwood.
If this thread is still open then I would nominate the legendary Dylan82 for his quality analysis posts. I would love to earn it since I did the preview threads but Dylan82 deserves it more for me.

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Senior List
Jul 12, 2015
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West Coast
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Las Vegas Raiders
I'll nominate FreeTK.

The Vic bias debate is the lifeblood of these boards. It's difficult to know whether people are more passionate about WC winning to be proud of our team, or they are here to furiously froth over the Vic media. During that debate, FreeTK holds the most outrageous view - that Vic bias exists but at a fraction of what we think it does as WC fans.

FreeTK was challenged on his views from all quarters, teased a bit in a good natured way and treated a little harshly by a few. To all though, he calmly and in an expansive way explained his thoughts and never returned any personal insults (from what I saw). He kept responding to each an all, not shying away. During this time he was also starting topic threads on the main boards, unperturbed by his one man crusade hitting a wall of opposition. Those other threads also had a good level of depth and thinking behind them too.

It doesn't matter whether you agree with him or not, I'll nominate him for resilience.

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