Podcast West Coast Eagles Podcast Returning For 2019 *Maybe*

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kranky al

Brownlow Medallist
Jun 30, 2009
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West Coast
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east perth www.pixelpac.com.au
Must be the Keys influence.
In fairness its the first time ive listened this year - was driving back from perth and id just seen a thread flogging it

I was subscribed a coupla years ago but it stopped - so when i saw it was back up i was stoked as it fills a good portion of the journey home and so i even listened to the week befores cast.

Great to have it back up and running - keep flogging in threads as that was how i found out - maybe keep bumping the podcast thread each week.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 15, 2009
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West Coast
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East Perth, Donnybrook, Chelsea
Coast to coast - Great listening, I really enjoy tuning in to it. Great inside stories and insights on players.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 8, 2011
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West Coast
Amateur podcast run by amateurs and featuring amateurs.

West Coast Eagles BigFooty podcast however...

But nah it is a good one, very good insight on Coast To Coast.
Was interesting hearing Goss say how Basil was a bit annoyed about his position and the Dockers are sour at him. Seems like we are going to have a media department to rival nfl teams. Really should have studied media at uni now :'(

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