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Nov 17, 2014
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West Coast
I find it amazing how some people can play football for 10+ years, make it to the elite level and still not know how to kick properly. We shouldn't even have to be having discussions about kicking

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Jan 16, 2013
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West Coast
I reckon Ainsworth still has a good shot of making it, way more than most on here apparently, but even I can't agree with you on his kicking this year.

From what I've seen, not only is his ball drop still horrible, but now he's overthinking his technique too. Granted the issues he's facing there aren't a quick fix, that's like a decade of habit to fight against. This was always going to be a development year for him.

This is speculative, but I reckon he's lined up more on the wing this year for the very reason that he'll have more space to work on his kicking. But his delivery by hand and vision in congestion are were he's going to excel if he makes it as an AFL level mid. So hopefully we see more of him at the bottom of packs next year, let him use his strength instead of working on his weakness.

Mind you I'm only watching the s**tty livestreams.
Cheers for that. I think you are right about him playing on the wing more.


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May 28, 2017
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West Coast
No one was going to come out in the press and openly say he needed to leave Perth due to his off field influences. One consequence of that will be some would label it as racist given Stack’s heritage, it is that type of world we now live in.
People have actually said publicly that Stack needed to leave Perth though.

What we haven’t heard or read is Stack saying he wanted to leave Perth.

Just like we haven’t heard or read Worpel saying he didn’t want to leave Victoria.

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