2nds West Coast Eagles WAFL 2019

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 13, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
Brayshaw, O'Neill, Ainsworth and Venables (haven't heard much about his injury but hope he returns OK) are players that I hold some hope for. They are all young and have good trajectories thus far. We're also likely targetting a couple young WA players in a trade (we've done pretty well in recent times with Yeo, Cripps et al.)

Who would you have taken in comparison to our selections, in the last handful of rookie drafts? This is with the benefit of hindsight.
Have high hopes on O'Neill but I think he'll play HBF at AFL level. The rest I'm far from convinced on being AFL midfielders.
Probably would have taken a bunch of crabs tbh :D
I would have taken Bailey Banfield the year before he was drafted by Freo, would have taken Liam Ryan the year before we did (not sure how that would have turned out), I wanted Darcy Cameron the year before he went to Sydney. My point isn't who we missed out on, it's that we're continually taking low risk/low reward players or just recycling our own crap through the rookie list when we should be taking a chance on high risk/high reward players.
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