Game Day West Coast v Hawthorn at Sunny Perth Stadium- Won’t Someone Rid Me of This Troublesome Team?

Do The Eagles Win the 2019 Flag?

  • Yes

  • Yes, and the 2020 flag

  • Yes, and overthrow the VFL

  • Yes, all of the above

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Premiership Player
Jul 30, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Yep ... I tell you what ... if we can't make it then I am going to back the Pies. Saw lots of good in Pies fans when they lost last year - I was there and they handled the loss better than I would have. Can't believe I would contemplate backing the Pies in but here I am.

Screw Scott and the Dangerfield show + Riewoldt and the pleb Tiger army. God help us if either of those teams make it. I won't watch.
Have to agree couldn't believe how good the Pie supporters were at the GF

Billy Bob65

All Australian
May 15, 2005
AFL Club
Commiserations on the loss.

Here are the midfield frequency stats from the match. If you haven't seen a previous post, this is an overall summary of how often your players were lining up as one of the 5 mids at bounces.

Overall Summary - 28 Bounces

Yeo 25
Masten 25 wing
Gaff 24 (12w, 12i)
Sheed 23 (13i, 10w)
Shuey 21 (2w)
Redden 20 (14i, 6w)
Rioli 1
Waterman 1 wing

Hickey 25
O.Allen 3

Centre Clearances (as per Champion Data/
Yeo 3
Hickey 3
Sheed 2
Redden 1
Gaff 1
O.Allen 1
Waterman 1

1st Half - 14

Yeo 13
Gaff 13 (7w, 6i)
Masten 12 wing
Sheed 12 (8i, 4w)
Shuey 11 (1w)
Redden 9 (5i, 4w)

Hickey 11
O.Allen 3

2nd Half - 14

Masten 13 wing
Yeo 12
Gaff 11 (6i, 5w)
Sheed 11 (6w, 5i)
Redden 11 (2w)
Shuey 10 (1w)
Rioli 1
Waterman 1 wing

Hickey 14

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