Club Focus Western Bulldogs 2019 - Porter, Sweet, West re-sign - 15/8


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Dec 3, 2009
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So far our outs are Picken & Boyd with Morris likely to join them. If Suckling is still keen on becoming an NFL punter then now is as good a time as any even though he's having a pretty good year. Dickson is still kicking goals but wouldn't say he has more than a year left in him.
With the younger players I'd cut Porter, Webb and Roberts from our main list. Porter cracks in and plays with aggression but he doesn't really have any elite or even notable attributes although we'll sign him to our VFL list. Webb would have gone last year if not for his broken neck, uses the ball alright but doesn't get enough on the outside and doesn't have the physical attributes to rebound. Fletch is cheap depth and we love him around the club but he isn't strong enough to take a key post and isn't mobile enough to make up for it. Could see us holding onto him if we can't find a mature key defender though

Only rookie changes will be Smith & Gardner out. Sweet is a developing ruck which takes time and has to work on his work around the ground but he has a ton of aggression and is pretty capable while Khamis is extremely raw but is showing nice signs.

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