What are you listening to right now? Pt VI

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Professor Knowall

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Sep 24, 2006
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Last night Mootsy and I posted Tom Waite and Hank iii about an hour apart, so tonight I thought why not have them together in the same song?

FTR - This song title refers to Hank iii's legendary grandfather, to whom he has an uncanny resemblance in both looks and voice (at Hank iii's first appearance at the Grand ole Opry, Minnie Pearl, who knew Hank Snr well, at first sight of his grandson, some 40 years after Hank Snr's death, famously exclaimed - "I've just seen a ghost").

The song is basically about the trials and tribulations of being born into the Williams family music dynasty (note the reference to "the family tree" in the lyrics) and his fraught relationships with his father, Hank Jnr, who only came into his life as an adult only to fall out professionally. He also clearly identifies with the many problems and battles, including, but also the music, of his long dead grandfather (the other ghost, who he nevertheless idolises - hence the cowboy video theme). The alcoholism and/or drug abuse that ran through all 3 generations of the family is heavily referenced.

Finally, the backing music is, as always with Hank iii, superb - he was always able to attract top quality musicians around him. Note the Cajun influence, particularly in the middle section. Tom Waite powerfully provides the emotional explanation points to Hank's narrative voice and he finishes it all off superbly -
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