What are you listening to right now? Pt VI

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Nov 26, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
How did their original album get made?
Music professionalism is all you can say.
If you think that mental strength is a sports thing ....... new thinking needed!
Everything is portrayed in this album. music, pain, love, rejection, sadness, loneliness, whatever happens in your life when it's imploding.
And the song was written in Sly Stone's bed!!!!!!!
Make sure you watch the video. it can only be described as amazing and the only way you will appreciate what was going on during the recording of this album.
Hi Cliff. Finally got around to watching this. (I've rewritten and reposted this as the original response seems to have gone haywire and you may not known I had responded).
Nothing is better than a top notch documentary. What astounds me, considering how fraught the making of Rumours appears to have been, was how the makers got all the main players involved. And how all the band members were so honest and forthcoming about that 12 months of torment and misery. It felt like they were reaching out to each other.
It is a pity that Christine is secondary to Stevie in the public eye. Christine could really sing let alone compose music.
Mick comes across as a good bloke if not a good early days dad.
And the two sound engineers. They knew how to handle fractious, creative types. If it what was not for them, I doubt Rumours would have happened. Or been the success it became.
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The World needs more Hank Moody’s.
Oct 2, 2016
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Paul Simon to Rusted Root. Enjoyed the journey. Checked out Ecstasy and still not sure what's going on with Rusted Root. Must say though, the dude has a good voice.

Here is a half-forgotten curiosity piece for you.

Cheers mate, I have an eclectic taste in music 😂

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