What are you listening to right now? Pt VI

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Team Captain
Nov 26, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
Ole Miley. C, she goes alright(pls don't hate me)

Posted this before Twoie, and I hate to be that bloke, but reckon Angelina kills Miley's version (considering she was 13). FWIW I don't get the hate for Miley. Maybe it is her old man.

As for her version of Falling Into You. That was excellent. Think I prefer it to the original.
Hope Sandoval!!

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Professor Knowall

Premiership Player
Sep 24, 2006
AFL Club
... Here is a half-forgotten curiosity piece for you.
More than just a curiosity piece - those three Dutch sisters pop- country singers of Polish refugee parents could seriously sing - especially the gap toothed one in the middle. This was actually a massive worldwide hit - and would've been much bigger still except for contractual disputes that delayed its release for a year in the UK and Australia and it was never released at all in the USA! - yet it sold over 5 million, reaching # 1 in 15 countries, not just through Europe but also
Latin America and Asia in 1975 then a year later it knocked off Abba's Dancing Queen from # 1 when finally released
in the U.K. but only got to # 2 in Australia - and was their only single released here. Australia got saturated with Abba
but never got to hear enough from Pussycat.

Anyway, this is the last thing I just listened to, straight from 1959-

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