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Sopwiths North

Canadia Roo
Feb 22, 2018
under the stars
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North Melbourne
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Kugluktuk Grizzlies
Did Klaatu take the name of their second album from the charming BC town of the same name?
Haha, you've obviously visited Hope. Talk about the Twin Peaks of B.C.

Anyway, it's interesting you ask, because while the answer is no, Dee Long actually does live just outside of Hope now. He used to be a quasi-neighbour of my brother, who lives in a tiny town near Goldbridge, but he had to move away for health reasons a few years ago. I remember my brother telling me that he'd talked about doing another Klaatu album, but I guess maybe his health got in the way. It's too bad.

An article he wrote last year re Covid, etc. talks about Hope.

"We live in a log cabin home in Sunshine Valley, B.C., which is in the district of Hope. Ironically, the second Klaatu album released in 1977 was titled “Hope,” which is a very beautiful song written by John Woloschuk. "

"It’s clear that in the future we will have to learn from this experience. My “Hope” is that empathy will become the norm rather than the exception. This pandemic is showing us that we must move forward from here without anger, hate or politics of fear. We must come together."

Amen to that.


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