What carries the greater weight in selection - structure or personnel?

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Aug 15, 2009
over here
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Well done DABM
Spot on analysis with this thread
The coaches have changed to a structure that a lot of people on here could see which would work better, but it took the coaches so long to get there.

Up forward with Tex, TT and Fog
And no Himmelberg or Frampton
One less small in Murphy and now Rowe is showing vast improvement with the new structure and McHenry showing more also

And also down back, we bring in Murray as another KPD and takes the pressure off Doedee and Kelly to play those roles
It looks a lot better balanced team and it produced the results on the weekend
And it's been interesting getting Jones in for McPherson
It looks like it is all starting to click
Hopefully they have found a sturcture that works and don't tinker with it too much

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