What changes (if any) would you make to our Team of the Century?

Discussion in 'Collingwood' started by poulsman, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. mattys123

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    Mar 24, 2008
    The thing that really will count as to why James Clement will never be named in any updated team of the century is a lack of that elusive flag.

    Buckley is the only player in the era post 1990, and before the 2010 premiership team that can be considered in the team of the century IMO, because he transcended his era, and can have no blame for the lack of a premiership in that era.

    And as for the rating of Millane by the younger generation in this thread, wake up, he was arguably the best player we had in that 1990 team, he won the AFL MVP in a premiership year, and was All Australian that year also.

    Also, the mythical nature of Darren Millane (due to the broken thumb and then his death) will live on forever with this football club, while as good of a player as James Clement was, in 20-30 years very few will utter his name at team functions, as unfair as that may be.

    Millane is in the top 5 players I've ever seen wear a black and white jumper live, so he must be in the team of the century IMO.

    I actually wouldn't change the current team at all, but may look back in 5-7 years when Pendles, Cloke and Swan are retired and reconsider, but they have to be retired first to even be considered IMO.

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  2. jerry springer

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    Hate to say it, IMO Swan has surpassed Darren already. Simply put He has been better for longer.

    Awards wide he smashes Darren out of the park. We all know the aura about Darren,but putting that aside Swan has been one of the top 3 players in the AFL over the past 5 years

    Great debate though. Worthy of a poll.
  3. SwanBet

    SwanBet Club Legend

    Sep 15, 2007
    not in any position to speculate on who should come out, but Swan would have to be in there.

    3 copeland trophies in a row, a brownlow medal, an AFL MVP, Premiership player, he has done it all in the last 5 years, and has been as consistent as hell. Only player i could see currently in the side playing today.

    Future team of the Century players could be;
    Pendlebury one would feel will be in there in a few years, still needs to play a few more good seasons though. Have no doubt he will be considered a top 5 magpie by careers end.

    Cloke, if he stays and keeps his form up for a few more years, would come under strong consideration.

    Thomas another who if he produces 5 more good years of footy will be around the mark.

    thats about it for mine. potentially Ben Reid, if everything goes right for him could become a champion.

    Realistically if we win another premiership with this group, it will go down as one of the greatest Collingwood teams, and will receive recognition as so, with players being honoured.
  4. sr36

    sr36 Norm Smith Medallist

    Aug 20, 2009
    B: Harold Rumney - Jack Regan - Syd Coventry
    HB: Billy Picken - Albert Collier - Nathan Buckley
    C: Thorold Merrett - Bob Rose - Darren Millane
    HF: Des Fothergill - Murray Weideman - Dick Lee
    F: Phonse Kyne - Gordon Coventry - Peter Daicos
    Foll: Len Thompson - Des Tuddenham - Harry Collier
    Int: Tony Shaw - Wayne Richardson - Marcus Whelan - Gavin Brown

    the only ones that I can compare are the ones that I've seen a fair bit of. so for me That's Buckley, Millane, Daicos, Shaw, Brown, Picken.

    Bucks is the obvious standout of that group. I'd have Swan above the other 5. He's been one of the top half a dozen players in the league over a 5 year period. As good as Millane, Daicos, Shaw, Brown and Picken were, they weren't considered to be top 5 in the league for any extended period of time. If he hasn't overtaken them already, Pendlebury will also surge past this 5 if he stays fit.
  5. Soul_Pie

    Soul_Pie Premiership Player

    Jan 22, 2008
    Give Pendles a couple of years. Amazing talent.
  6. rose jam

    rose jam Norm Smith Medallist

    May 28, 2008
    Cloke will be in there, if he keeps his form this season and next he's in.

    I loved Millane but I don't think he had a long enough career to out do say what Dane Swan doing.
  7. dansa

    dansa Club Legend

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    Oct 8, 2004
    Millane, Daicos, Brown & Picken possibly. Not Shaw.
    Swan may have more natural talent than Shaw, but 313 games, 7 years as captain including the drought breaker 1990 Premiership, 2 Copelands means Swan still has a long way to go to displace Shaw in the greatest all time team. IMO
  8. Rummy

    Rummy Team Captain

    Mar 20, 2009
    One person who doesn’t seem to get much credit would be James Clement, I thought that in the last 15 years of watching footy that he was Collingwood 2nd best player only behind the once in a generation freak Buckley. At the same time though I obviously have no idea as to the playing ability of the past legends of the game playing for Collingwood in defence, but yeah thought he was worth a mention

    I think Pendlebury will get onto the list at some point in the future, but needs to sustain his great performance output for a few more seasons yet. The only other current player also in consideration would be Cloke, but only if he fixes his goal kicking accuracy and maintains it for a few years before he gets on there
  9. jezza25

    jezza25 Team Captain

    Oct 2, 2008
    Interesting reading.
    Not trolling just enjoying the read. I am old enough to remember Des Tuddenham ( just ).
    His spot will make way for Pendlebury sooner rather than later. Pendles = superstar, Tuddy = tough, hard working, good footballer.
  10. forwardflanker

    forwardflanker Norm Smith Medallist

    Apr 3, 2006
    But where's Jason Wilde in the picture of things?

    Of the modern players Clement is the only one who could get a look in as it stands right now.

    And re. comparison to Swan and Millane. Swan may have won the awards but Millane was the driving force behind our only flag in 32years. As much as I rate Swan, his impact on the sides overall performance will never reach that of Millanes.

    & lol at anyone considering him to be the equal of Daicos. Daicos was just better than him period :(
  11. Visions

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    Oct 2, 2007
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    Can't believe you would have Swan above Daicos. Daicos is the best Collingwood player in the last 30 players, and has claims to be the most talented (might not be best, there is a difference) in it's history. Add that he kicked 97 goals in the 1990 premiership year as a mid sized full forward in the days of Plugger and Dunstall, and you have a special player.

    In terms of the team of the century, only player out of the current group I would consider is Pendles, and that's on potential if he continues on his merry path for at least another 5 or so years. Swan I wouldn't include, his disposal by foot is still something I don't like, kicks more finger breaking mongrels than standard drop punts.

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  12. robertg22

    robertg22 Like a librarian

    Feb 26, 2008
    To be fair though Swan was the driving force in our first flag in 20.

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