What if history scenarios

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CD Xbow

Club Legend
Oct 1, 2014
AFL Club
What if dinosaurs never went extinct?

Would humans have evolved?

Would we have wiped out species like we have or would we be the extinct?

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No place for us or other big mammals while the dinos were around. That comet did us a big favour, we'd still be little lemur like things, skulking in trees and eating insects.
Ok so humans wouldnt have evolved.

Would dinosaurs have evolved into English speaking beasts?

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Impossible to say never, but unlikely. The huge expansion of the our cerebral cortex is what enables us to be human, to speak and have 'culture'. Dinosaurs, birds and reptiles have very different cortical structures. Not that they can't be pretty intelligent, tool using crows are a good example of what a dino brain could probably do.

Run n Spread

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 2, 2013
AFL Club
What if Australia did not join WW1? Potentially the country grows differently but are we protected for rd2?
Could've been a world leader if a generation wasn't lost.

What if the VFL did go broke in the 80s? Does a new national comp emerge from the ashes or a Super league revolution?

What if Trump wins in 2020? More of the same I suspect.

What if Steve Jobs dies earlier and smartphone aren't invented? I'd say the internet but with computers that was kind of inevitable? Less social media for one.

Obscure one. What if the Titanic stats afloat? White Star Line amassed even more power. Shipping is exclusively travel de jou does this delay commercial air travel?

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