whaT If we’re good now? *nods head*


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Mar 1, 2014
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The Adelaide media are at last starting to describe Ken as the 'under pressure Coach Ken Hinkley". Thus writes Simeon Thomas-Wilson on page 81 ot today's Monopoly Times.

On page 78 of today's MT Michelangelo Rucci has an article under the headline, Port's million dollar conundrum as fans threaten to tune out.

The fact that our last three home games at Adelaide Oval have averaged less than 30,000 is not lost on Rucci and should not be lost on the PAFC Board. Although we need to remember this is by and large the same Board that renewed Hinkley's contract at the end of 2017 twelve months before it was due to expire.

I particularly like this bit,

They [The Members] have clearly put the club’s off-field leaders on notice. They have taken issue with the co-captain decision that ended a tradition of a solo skipper wearing No. 1. They have signaled by their absence from the Oval a reluctance to sit through frustration as Port Adelaide players make repetitive mistakes in matches.

Rucci has obviously drawn the logical conclusion that unless significant change is made members will vote with their feet. Let us hope the PAFC Board can it as well.

At least the press is turning the heat up. Let us hope it enough to cook Ken's goose.

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Mar 1, 2014
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We have made the finals 3 times since 2007 and currently sit 9th on the ladder, a game and percentage below 8th with 3 games to play. We're not good now and haven't been good for a very long time.


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Nov 5, 2009
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The structure was good today with Marshall as well to be a tall ,whereas Dixon attracts the heat and Ryder will take the odd mark , Marshall moves around a lot and gets involved in general play . While dragging a defender around with him . Still a couple of players in that I’d like to phase out but we’re almost good . Need either Dixon to start holding marks and timing his leads or Frampton to be better at it and replace Charlie as the focal point , he could stay floating around bit of ruck , bit of chf , bit of fwd pocket .
Also once Rozee moves into the midfield

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