Poll "What If" Wednesdays: Week 26 - Carlton - St Kilda Merger

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Aug 4, 2012
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eg. If you choose Gold Coast, it must be followed by one of the available nicknames.

List of teams
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Entry 1 KBLT

"As the sun set on the 1994 AFL season, talks between Carlton and St. Kilda came to a head, resulting in the merging of the two clubs, and the Carlton Saints Football Club was born. Despite several promises from Carlton management, the St. Kilda influence on the clubs guernsey was almost zero, reduced to just a name on the back of the jumper and the occasional heritage jumper. Despite a lot of infighting in its fledgeling years, the club was relatively successful, winning two premierships before the turn of the century. After nearly two decades of internal conflict, a more St. Kilda influenced guernsey was finally introduced in 2013. The club adopted red as a primary colour and started using a cross as a major design aspect for their guernseys. After a few minor tweaks, the club came out with this kit in 2017."

Entry 2 Mozzie_Squad
Home & Away

Entry 3 _Damo_

Entry 4 just_kick_it

Entry 5 FootyGuy13
"After Carlton go out straight-sets in the 1995 Finals against Brisbane and North Melbourne, followed by both Carlton and St. Kilda having average seasons in 1996, the Blues and the Saints merge to become the Carlton St. Kilda Football Club, or the Carlton Saints, joining Port Adelaide and the merged Brisbane-Fitzroy team in a 15-team league in 1997. The home jumper would keep the monogram but replaced the "FC" with a coloured "SK" as well as John Elliot keeping his promise of wearing St. Kilda's jumper for away games."

"Success would be immediate, winning the 1997 and 1999 Grand Finals against Adelaide and the Kangaroos as well as losing the 1998 and 2000 Grand Finals to North and Essendon. In fact, the Saints and Kangaroos would face each other in either a preliminary or a Grand Final in those years, starting a rivaly. This success would be short-lived however, as it would be revealed that the team had been going over it's salary-cap in 2002 as well as the teams champions from the previous decade retiring, leaving the club languishing at the bottom of the ladder. A new CEO replacing Elliot and Andrew Plympton would see the Carlton St. Kilda Football Club dropping the colour black from their jumper. This would be their jumpers for the 2017 season."

Entry 6 fancyscum


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