Competition "What If" Wednesdays: Week 28 - Southport Sharks to the AFL

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Aug 4, 2012
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Each Wednesday (most likely not) a non-existing team that has been known in the AFL world as a proposition or a former team will be brought to life!

Each comp will run for 1 week or so and the poll will run for 1 week or more if needed.
The winner picks the next team in the list below​

There are some routes you can go by if you're stuck
  • The chosen team has entered the competition in 2017 along with the current 18 OR
  • Design kits as if they've been in the competition all along OR
  • Go back in time when the team entered the competition or when a merger would've happened (if applicable)
    eg. Design kits in 1991 when Adelaide entered the competition as the Crows
    Design kits in 1997 when the newly formed Melbourne Hawks would play their first season OR
  • (For VFL Expansion) Accompany your kits with a backstory on how the team came to be
Your job is to produce a:
  • Home kit
  • Away kit (Home with white shorts is acceptable)
  • OPTIONAL 3rd
    • Clash kit
    • Heritage kit
    • Other kit

This week we ask....


NEW RULES 23/6/15 (Read Carefully):
  1. Kits and Logo must be in 1 picture (Makes polls easier to fit everything in)
  2. The kits can consist of just a Jumper (Shorts and socks are encouraged to give a full identity effect)
  3. Minimum 2 kits and there's no limit to how many kits you can include after that
    eg. Home and Away and/or Clash and/or Heritage and/or Others
  4. Maximum 2 entries per person
  5. For the former teams and Expansion teams I'll allow the use of the last jumper design the club used only once (Opens the door for that modern creativity)
  6. For the proposed teams Directly copying a kit (Colours and design) of any team is disallowed
  7. For the mergers, no restrictions. You can take any elements from the clubs involved in the merger and create whatever you please as long as you don't copy any proposed designs that have been brought up already
  8. Proposed and Former teams - Do not use logos or jumper artwork that is being used or has been used by the club before (exception in Rule 5 for former teams)
  9. Any team - Creating a logo from scratch is encouraged but you may take inspiration from and/or alter any sports logo to drive home your design.
  10. Any proposed designs that have been brought up for the current team will not be allowed for use
  11. Proposed Teams - You may use any colours you like even if it is being used by the team as long as it doesn't replicate any past/present designs the team has
TL-DR Version
  1. Just make an entry and I'll pull you up on anything :)

Any other questions will be answered

List of teams
Now with links to past polls!

VFL Expansion
Click Here for details on the teams listed


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