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Aug 4, 2012
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List of teams
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VFL Expansion
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Entry 1 caloschwaby

Entry 2 KBLT

"When the Demons were relocated to Los Angeles, the team decided to adopt green and yellow in lieu of the traditional blue, matching the colours of the flag of Los Angeles, although using a darker green. When the VFL became the AFL, the team created a mostly yellow jumper for clashes. The club enjoys relative popularity and respect as the harbinger of Aussie Rules football in the United States, which now has a flourishing, albeit less professional national competition."

Entry 3 just_kick_it

"Fitzroy to Los Angeles

Fitzroy were offered big money and sponsorship deals to relocate to LA and change their gold to white to attract American fans. The stars on the home represent the 8 VFL premierships they had won up to 1988."

Entry 4 fancyscum

"The Doggies move to California, take on the brown and red of the California state flag as well as some off white and have their classic hoops re-imagined by US manufacturer nike. Their traditional royal blue is retained for away matches back in Melbourne."

Entry 5 jmac91

"The LA and Fitzroy Football Club was born in 1987. Fitzroy was falling on hard times and not winning enough games. Because of this they were losing fans to other teams and this meant losing money. At the end of the 1987 season, The VFL gave Fitzroy a life line to Relocate in a way to Los Angeles. They would play 4 out of their 11 home games in LA at the LA Coliseum and there other 5 would be played at Brunswick Street Oval. Their. colour scheme changed as well. They changed the old Fitzroy gold to a white to look like the American Flag in a way. They used 2 Jumpers. One looking like the Jumper Fitzroy wore before the Relocation but instead of the gold, They changed the 'FFC' to a white. the other jumper were to be worn in all their games in LA. They replaced the 'FFC' with a 'LA' to signifify who and what they are and at the top of the jumper, there were all 48 stars of the American Flag to represent that this is America's team."
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