What is Australia's best format?

What format is Australia best at?

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Aug 19, 2020
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Was just having a think about how there is now a genuine international competition for all three formats.

It had me wondering what do you guys view as the format Australia is best at right now? And what ICC trophy do you think we are most likely to win next?

Our test side is looking quite settled at the moment and could give the WTC a real shake. We have established stars like Warner, Smith, Marnus, Cummins, Cummins and Hazlewood and have younger guys like Head, Green, Pucovski and Richardson that could set us up well in the future. We were unlucky not to make the WTC Final in 2021. Standing in our way are India who seem to have a wealth of talent and will be good for a very long time and NZ who are in a golden patch right now but we always seem to have the wood over them.

Our ODI side hasn't quite produced the results in recent times, but on paper to me looks like our strongest team. It don't have any weak links with a good mixture of power in Finch, Warner, Stoinis and Maxwell. And stability in Smith, Marnus and Carey, there is also good depth as Marsh and Head also have what it takes at the level. We have one of the best bowling attacks in the world in ODI cricket as well. Unfortunately we had an off day in the semi final against England in 2019, but showed we could beat them as we did earlier in the tournament. England, India, NZ and us are all very even in ODI cricket but if we keep our team settled there is no reason why we shouldn't be one of the favourites in 2023.

Our T20 team was often commonly viewed as our weakest team, as it was often neglected and was seen as a chance to rest our best all-format players. We lost 5 consecutive T20I series leading into the World Cup, in most of these series key players were out at different times. Going into the T20 World Cup we were seen as a long shot to win, but we stunned the world winning our first T20 crown. When our best team is on the park, we are one of the most powerful teams in the world but that doesn't to happen often. It doesn't help for stability of the T20 team when there is a test tour running alongside it ruling out World Cup winners, Warner, Smith, Starc etc. In my view there are better teams than us in T20 such as England, India and Pakistan. Is our T20 team good enough to go back to back in 2022 on our home shores, or was 2021 an underdog run that is unlikely to be matched?

Interested to know everyones thoughts.

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Apr 28, 2008
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There can only be one answer here.

shorter forms of the game are just slap happy entertainment for 12yo's.
Is this comment a bump from 2008?

Seriously, though, we just won a T20 World Cup, were semi finalists in the 50 World Cup and third in the WTC. On that simple metric, it's T20s.

I think we'd have better T20 results throughout the years if we took it more seriously. We seem to fu** around with the team all the time, to the extent that the only real time we played our best eleven was in the UAE.


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Jan 31, 2009
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I enjoy test matches and ODI World Cups.
Sheffield shield too when young players are putting their names up for the future.

T20 just doesn't do it for me. It's not a true test of a player.

Pistol Night

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Sep 3, 2019
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Tests. Used to enjoy the one dayers when there was the remotest amount of fu**n structure to any of the series played. T20 is sh*t