What is the biggest AFL crowd you were a part of?


Jul 5, 2011
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Victory, Napoli, Liverpool, Pens
2008 GF 100,002 at the ground only time I’ve been at the MCG when it exceeded 100k.
But for atmosphere the 98,000 @ the 2007 Preliminary final still stands out to me as the most noisiest and best atmosphere I’ve attended.

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A slice of fried gold
Jul 2, 2003
AFL Club
100,022 for 2018 GF.

Since I started regularly attending in the late 1980s I've been lucky enough to be part of:
  • 6 crowds of over 100k
  • 20 over 95k
  • 45 over 90k
  • 78 over 85k
  • 105 over 80k

How lucky this is was emphasised a couple of years ago when I was able to go to a Premier League game for Tottenham at Wembley. The crowd was about 76k and it was at that stage in the top few EPL crowds of all time. Doesn't even make my top 100.

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Its not the coach

Team Captain
Apr 16, 2019
AFL Club
53,698, First showdown of 2017. Ground record at the time until the preliminary final that year. Fondly remember Tex’s long bomb in the last to win the game. Celebrated in an area packed with port supporters.
That 2017 prelim atmosphere was magic and even seemed louder than the 2018 anzac match I was at with a 94000 crowd. Those away showdown wins are always a special buzz too.

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