What is the worst game you have ever watched?

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Always Ballin

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Jan 11, 2015
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Nothing tops the 06 Adelaide-Richmond bloodbath. Terry Wallace at his epic best.


"In a 10-minute period, there were only 12 contested possessions among 55."

But Terry Wallace and his Tiger team had other ideas . . .

Wallace, who thrived on innovation, came up with a cunning plan to beat the powerful Adelaide outfit.

Basically, the Tigers set out to deny Adelaide’s players possession of the ball.

They played keepings-off, chipping the ball around to each other, particularly in their defensive area, with the likes of Joel Bowden, who was playing game No. 200 for Richmond, his younger brother Patrick, who had transferred from the Western Bulldogs to Tigerland that season, and Andy Kellaway, all racking up huge numbers of marks. J. Bowden took 20, P. Bowden 15 and A. Kellaway 15, as the Tigers continually frustrated their Crow opponents.

Richmond had been averaging 80 short kicks per game going into its clash with Adelaide. On this sunny Saturday afternoon, with the stadium’s roof open, the Tigers increased that tally to a staggering 180! And, of the 181 marks they took for the afternoon, only 13 of them were contested.

They seized the initiative early in the contest and showed exemplary discipline throughout to steadfastly stick to the surprise game plan.

The Crows were completely confused by Richmond’s clever ploy. It took until the last quarter before they finally started to find a way through and kick some goals. But it was all too late by then, and the Tigers were able to hang on to record a startling three-point win.


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Nov 14, 2012
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I have the memory of a forgetful goldfish, but the Final between Brisbane and GWS sums up what I hate
in a football match, over umpired no flow, dour tagging all over the place as the legendary Andy Maher
would say spot fires everywhere. The Collingwood versus Geelong final was also horrible a glorified game
of kick to kick, coaches should front the tribunal for producing that quality for a please explain.


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Apr 9, 2019
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Pretty much the entirety of round 21 this year.

The three worst:
- Giants vs Hawks. Pretty cool to see it snow during an AFL game – the actual game itself, on the other hand...
- Cats vs Roos. 83 points, lowest scoring game since 1999 and for North, their lowest score in their history, 1.8 (14).
- Essendon vs Bulldogs. Essendon kicked the 1st goal then seemingly just stopped trying while the Dogs kicked 21 in a row. The Bombers, just like the Roos, were sitting on 1.8 (14) up to about 5 minutes remaining, before they kicked three totally meaningless goals and made the final score (dare I say) look somewhat reasonable...

And the rest from that round:
- Melbourne vs Collingwood: just plain boring.
- Port vs Sydney: meh... it was OK.
- Lions vs Suns: another blowout, but I think it's fun to watch teams kick big scores on GC
- Saints vs Dockers: exciting finish, but dull rest of the game
- Blues vs Tigers: again, just boring.
- Eagles vs Crows: perhaps the only truly good game of the round. Close and relatively high scoring.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 5, 2014
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Well, he was a 20-year-old second year player in his 23rd AFL game. He didn't come into the league at the level he's at now.

Oh yeah, 100%

That said, he did average 24 touches per game from rounds 17-23 that same year.


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Apr 18, 2005
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186 at KP in 2011. I was there. Cold, wet, and the Deeeeees were at their worst. The good was the corporate box, the drinks and inviting some good lookers into the box for the last half then heading back to Melbourne with them.

Home shorts.

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Aug 11, 2006
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There's a heavy dose of personal circumstance in mine.

2003, I'm living in Launceston, when hosting AFL games was pretty new. So your options were 1) pay a s**t ton for a seat in a "grand"stand, 2) stand all day, or 3) get there super early and jag one of the seats on the fence that was in a general admission area.

I'd gone with number 3, getting there about 2 hours before the game. Then the forecast storm hit. I was sopping wet before the game even started, and then when it did start I sat there with the Bulldog supporter I'd gone with as the proceeded to kick 1 goal in the first quarter, none in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, and then 2 in the last quarter.

They got beat by over 10 goals having kicked 3 all day, and I came down with hypothermia.


Jul 22, 2019
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Fighting Furies and North Adelaide
Last night.

If it wasn't for the behaviour on-field from the players and the umps, it would have been a great game. Shame this is what finals footy is turning into.


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Jul 14, 2002
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The Mighty Cats
186 at KP in 2011. I was there. Cold, wet, and the Deeeeees were at their worst. The good was the corporate box, the drinks and inviting some good lookers into the box for the last half then heading back to Melbourne with them.

You weren't playing to win. You were playing to knife your coach. Even from an opposition fan that was obvious. Your boys only started putting in an effort when it looked like the all time scoring record might be broken.

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