What Lions Memorabilia have you obtained and how?

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 19, 2011
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Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Mt Gravatt, MHSOB, FFC, CGS
I've still got two Fitzroy FC cans of beer. Had a bottle of Port too but it went under at a dinner party a few years back. Kept the label though.


In Fagan we trust.
Jun 1, 2008
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I'm bored, so I present to you my collection from over the years. The back 3 all have the premiership team signatures from that year on them, and are retired from wear. I bought the '09 one as a protest a year or two after the paddlepop was introduced - I forget what year now. Latest edition is from this morning, in the lower right corner.

On reflection now I'm fairly sure I have a kids sized '97 jumper in one of those vacuum storage bags upstairs too. I used to wear it to footy training as a kid.


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Bertie Lion

Nov 3, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I’ve got a Simon Black signed betting slip – in the preseason of 2002 I put $5 that Blacky would win the Brownlow, I think it paid around 45-1 (or similar). He used to get coffee near where I worked so I got him to sign the slip a week before the first round.
Took some convincing to get the lady in the betting shop to let me keep the slip after I cashed in.
Now framed and has pride of place on the wall.

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Premiership Player
Oct 3, 2007
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
As a 19 year old, I have begun collecting memorabilia since I turned 18 (about 22 months ago) and have picked up some very nice items along my short journey. I take a very keen interest in Fitzroy and Bears history and before you ask, yes, I do plan to have the biggest and best collection of Brisbane Lions/Bears and Fitzroy memorabilia outside of the AFL and club itself.

Footy guernseys (regular)
  • 2006 Brisbane Lions Home jumper (2XL)
  • 2011 Brisbane Lions Home jumper (2XL)
  • 2013 Brisbane Lions Away jumper (2XL) x 2
  • 2013 Brisbane Lions Home jumper (2XL)
  • 1997 inaugural Brisbane Lions home jumper (with old AFL logo watermarks)

Footy guernseys (special)

  • 2013 Vero 3-peat anniversary jumper (2XL) - looking to swap for a size 2XL!
  • 2014 Jonathan Brown 250 game jumper

  • 2014 HoF jumper (Bears inspired)
  • 2012 HoF jumper (Fitzroy inspired)
  • 1996 centenary jumper #1 signed by Bernie Quinlan - $185 from Ebay

  • 2007 Fitzroy-inspired heritage jumper (L) - looking to swap for a size 2XL! - $100 from Ebay
  • 2005 Fitzroy inspired heritage jumper (2XL) - $145 from Ebay
    • See WEG posters image below
  • 2011 signed player issued Spirit of Queensland jumper (Matthew Luenberger) - $70 from the auctions

  • 2014 signed player issue HoF jumper (Matthew Luenberger) - gained from the auctions

  • 2014 signed player issue HoF jumper (Jack Crisp) - $175 from the auctions - looking to sell!
  • 2014 signed player issue 'name' jumper of Jack Crisp - just sold today! - $120 from the auctions

Framed/unframed posters/other pieces

  • Signed Daniel Rich poster with 2 football cards (framed)
  • Signed Jonathan Brown poster with 2 football cards (framed)
  • Fitzroy team of the century poster signed by artist Jamie Cooper (framed) - picked up for $182.50 including delivery all framed!

  • WEG Fitzroy legends poster featuring all four Brownlow medal winners throughout the club's history (framed)

  • 2004 Select Brisbane Lions team set playing cards (framed with plaque detailing club premierships and brownlow medal winners).
  • 12 orginal WEG posters including a 1944 version featuring the Fitzroy gorilla, as well as an Alastair Lynch 2001 premiership poster, and Kevin Murray and Bernie Quinlan Fitzroy night premiership posters, as well as the three Brisbane Lions premiership posters Got these all for about $140, and I plan to get them framed by the time I'm 21 in about a years time.

Footy Cards

  • Millions of 1996 select footy cards (Lions/Bears and non Lions/Bears)
    • Including rare BnF cards of Tony Lockett and Glenn Jackovic, as well as super-rare 1995 Brownlow medal card of Paul Kelly
  • Quite a few 1995 select AFL cards
  • 2006 and 2007 full sets of Herald Sun footy cards and almost full 2004 set.
  • Various signed and unsigned Brisbane Lions player card sets (from select) from around 2007 until this year.
  • A few old cigarette packet footy cards from the 1930s featuring Hayden Bunton Snr.


  • Vintage Fitzroy Lions, Brisbane Bears and Brisbane Lions scarfs
  • Official Brisbane Lions "4-peat" T-shirt including our famous 2004 premiership "triumph"
  • A few other small framed photographs and framed footy card sets of certain players.
  • 2011 AFL documentary "The Final Story" on our 2001 premiership win
  • Brisbane Lions 'Victory Pack' DVD box set featuring all three of our premierships and a highlights DVD of all our wins throughout the home and away season during our premiership years x 2
  • Framed Brisbane Bears medallion
  • Mal Michael Team of the Decade poster that I gained from the auctions for about $20.

Looking to sell

  • 2014 signed player issue HoF jumper (Jack Crisp)
Looking to buy/swap
  • Any clash version of the paddlepop jumper (size 2XL)
  • 2005 Gold based clash jumper (size XL or 2XL)
  • 2008/2009 clash jumper (size XL or 2XL) the one more commonly known as the 'piss stain jumper'
  • 2007 Fitzroy-inspired heritage jumper (L) - looking to swap for a size 2XL!
  • 2013 Simon Black games record jumper (black paddlepop jumper)
  • 2013 Vero 3-peat anniversary jumper (2XL) - looking to swap for a size 2XL!

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Premiership Player
Oct 3, 2007
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Have also added 2015 Home and Away jumpers to this collection, and awaiting the release of the clash jumper in order to make a purchase :)


Turning It Up.
Nov 18, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
That is awesome... you are right, the best bits of memorabilia come when you least expect them.

Very random reply and on a Lions board.
But reading this I can vouch for this after a recent eagles purchase.

Very rare do we get eagles gear now without the whole mob seeing it.
But being first in was a good feeling and been a while since I had that feelin.

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Premiership Player
Oct 3, 2007
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Have just added the following to my collection:

Beau McDonald player issued clash jumper from around 2005-06 - $75 from Ebay.


Was shattered to miss out on the recent Lions' auctions involved Merrett and McGrath's indigenous jumpers - someone picked up Ash's for $170 - very jealous!


long term substance abuser
Dec 30, 2008
in front of the telly
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Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Whitsunday SeaEagles
Have just added the following to my collection:

Beau McDonald player issued clash jumper from around 2005-06 - $75 from Ebay.


Was shattered to miss out on the recent Lions' auctions involved Merrett and McGrath's indigenous jumpers - someone picked up Ash's for $170 - very jealous!

Still my favorite clash jumper, & one that at least half a dozen fans wear to home games. Had a beer or 3 with a couple of good blokes cos of it.:thumbsu:


Jul 20, 2013
AFL Club
Bears 1.JPG
I've got a pair of boots signed by Jonathan Brown - We got it when we bought our car in NSW. My parents spoke to the car guy, and I was of course in QLD at the time, so dad told him I am a massive fan of the Lions. He happened to be Jonathan Brown's fiancee's father. My parents left our details and one day I was home alone in the holidays and a package arrived, wadyaknow! I was so happy!

Today I got my old Lions guernsey signed by Daniel Rich and Josh Drummond! Hoping to get some more signatures for the guernsey then put it in a frame.

What memorabilia have you obtained over the years?

I have an old Brisbane Bears jumper (the one with all the B's and VFL logo - no sponsors logo) which I had signed by Vossy, Aker and Black when they did a "three kings tour" of Perth. Brad Hardie has also signed it.

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Club Legend
Sep 8, 2004
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Not sure that it warrants it's own thread, but I wanted to post that I am very happy to have acquired $72 on eBay for my match-worn, signed, debut season Patrick Karnezis guernsey.

It was a paddle-pop too :cry:


Feb 3, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
IMG_66211.jpg Hi there,

I have a 3 - Peat framed panoramic shot of the MCG (2003 grandfinal). It also has a picture of all the players around the mcg pic. It is signed by Michael Voss and only 500 were produced. I have all authenticity documents. $900 ono Call Adrian 0423007571


Mar 4, 2015
AFL Club
I an lucky enough to have the following.......Annual reports from 1911 to 1957 - only missing about 4 or 5.
Framed Weg poster from the 78 night grand final signed by the whole team.
Framed team of our century jumper signed by the 15 players living when it was announced..
1940s badge
1975 members ticket
1974 members medallion.
1970s pen.
Small bar mirror with a photo of the 1904 team.


All Australian
Sep 11, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I'm looking to sell to few items such as

J Brown signed/framed picture
Simon Black signed/framed pictures

few other items from other teams also if anyone is interested contact me through here

cheers boys and girls


Premiership Player
Jun 4, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I have an umpires report book dropped by an umpire during a practice match at Carrara in 1988 or 89 between the Bears reserves and Camberwell (VFL). If you played in that match and were reported, you owe me. :)


Jun 24, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Still got a few jumpers left to round out my jumper collection, but here is what it currently stands at:

Brisbane Lions- Home Jumper-1997-99-Replica
Brisbane Lions-Home Jumper-1999-Match worn by Jason Akermanis #12 (long sleeve)
Brisbane Lions-Home Jumper-2001-Replica
Brisbane Lions- Home Jumper-2004-05-Replica (new with tags)
Brisbane Lions-Heritage Jumper-2003, 2005-Replica (signed by Jason Akermanis)
Brisbane Lions-Warm-Up Top-2004-05-Replica
Brisbane Lions-Clash Jumper-2005-Replica
Brisbane Lions-Clash Jumper-2006-Replica
Brisbane Lions-Clash Jumper-2006-Match worn by Wayde Mills #25
Brisbane Lions-10 Year Anniversary-2006-Player Issue #49 (signed by Luke Power)
Brisbane Lions-Home Jumper-2006-Match worn and signed by Justin Leppitsch #23
Brisbane Lions-Training Jumper-2006- Replica
Brisbane Lions-Heritage Jumper-2006-Replica (new with tags)
Brisbane Lions-Home Jumper-2007-Replica (with #16 on the back)
Brisbane Lions-Clash Jumper-2007-Replica (signed by team members)
Brisbane Lions-Clash Jumper-2007-Match worn by Chris Schmidt #13
Brisbane Lions-Heritage Jumper-2007-Replica (new with tags and signed by Jonothan Brown)
Brisbane Lions- Heritage Jumper-2007- Player issue- Jonothan Brown #16
Brisbane Lions- Heritage Jumper- 2007- Player issue- James Hawksley #12 (with Kings of The Pride Reunion logo)
Brisbane Lions-Home Jumper-2008-09-Replica
Brisbane Lions-Clash Jumper-2008-Replica
Brisbane Lions-Melbourne Jumper-2008-09- Replica (new with tags and signed by Jonothan Brown and Michael Voss)
Brisbane Lions-Home Jumper-2008-Match worn by Colm Begley #46
Brisbane Lions- Warm-up top-2009-Player worn by Rhan Hooper #33
Brisbane Lions-Training Jumper (Red)-2009- Player worn by Jed Adcock #7
Brisbane Lions-Training Jumper (Yellow)-2009-Player worn by Jared Brennan #17
Brisbane Lions- Melbourne Jumper-2009-Match worn by Albert Proud #2
Brisbane Lions- Melbourne Jumper-2009- Match worn by Jason Roe #29
Brisbane Lions Melbourne Jumper 2009- Player Issue- James Hawksley #12- Long sleeve
Brisbane Lions-Melbourne Jumper-2010-Match worn by Albert Proud #2
Brisbane Lions-Melbourne Jumper-2010-Replica (new with tags)
Brisbane Lions- Clash Jumper-2010-Replica (new with tags)
Brisbane Lions- Home Jumper- 2010- Replica (new with tags)
Brisbane Lions-Warm-Up top-2010-Replica
Brisbane Lions- Home Jumper- 2010- Match worn & signed by Brendan Fevola #5
Brisbane Lions- QLD Spirit NAB Cup Jumper-2011- Player Issue- Xavier Clarke #15
Brisbane Lions- Training Jumper- 2011- Player worn by Jared Polec #4
Brisbane Lions- Home Jumper- 2011-Replica
Brisbane Lions- Away Jumper- 2011-Replica

Fitzroy Lions- Home Jumper-1983- Match worn by #48 (signed by Kevin Murray)
Fitzroy Lions-Home Jumper-1980’s-Replica (with #3 on the back)
Fitzroy Lions-Home Jumper-1990-92- Match worn by John Ironmonger #6
Fitzroy Lions- Training Jumper (Red)- 1993-94- Player worn by Ross Lyon #29
Fitzroy Lions-Home Jumper-1993-94- Replica
Fitzroy Lions- Home Jumper- 1995- Replica (brand new with tag)
Fitzroy Lions- Pre-Season Jumper-1995- Replica (Reproduction)
Fitzroy Lions-Home Jumper-1996- Replica (Reproduction, signed by Bernie Quinlan and Kevin Murray)
Fitzroy Lions- Home Jumper-1996-Replica
Fitzroy Lions Pre-Season Jumper-1996-Original Replica
Fitzroy FC (VAFA)- Home Jumper-2009-10- Match worn by #33

Brisbane Bears- Home Jumper- 1987-88- Replica (new with tags, long sleeve)
Brisbane Bears- Home Jumper- 1992-93- Player Issue Scott McIvor #7 (new with tags)
Brisbane Bears-Home Jumper-1996- Replica (new with tags, signed by Michael Voss)

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