What messaging do you want to hear from the club right now?

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Club Legend
May 2, 2015
AFL Club
A lot of chat about next year but the best message the club can send imo is what they do for the remainder of this year. Season is far from over.

I would get Petrevski Seton and Obrien on the wings. Get Docherty back in defence to defend. Hopefully a fit Levi back in, Pittonet out, TDK number 1 ruck.

Cripps, Harry freshen up mentally and physically aim to finish the last 10 rounds 7-3. Biggest statement club can make.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 1, 2016
AFL Club
But not this time.
See, now that's a problem, because how can anyone take anything you say seriously if you can wave your hand and exclaim, "Wow, you thought I meant that unironically!" whenever you obtain a reaction other than the one you want?

And that isn't my problem, it's yours; every once in a while, even the most snide or sarcastic or cynical person needs and wants to be taken seriously and/or believes in something adequately to say something in an unironic way. But if you want to be taken seriously, you simply won't. People will roll their eyes, have a giggle, laugh at you 'standing for something', because that's what you've always done/pretended to do.

'Boy who cried wolf' is a pretty potent thing, but the meaning is as relevant as ever now we're all online. In the cold, hard light at the end of it, you're not always going to be the prankster who enjoys getting a reaction; this is ostensibly a forum for people who are passionate about footy, about Carlton. And while your ability to pick and choose gives you a bailout option whenever you're in an argument you want out of, it means you also cannot have your opinion taken seriously when you would like it to be.

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